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TeamScreen is a background check company with a national presence capable of working in any state. All licenses and appropriate insurances are current and in full effect. TeamScreen is a consumer-reporting agency that fully complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Accordingly, we fully respect the privacy of all of our clients and their search requests and findings. All information is treated with an eye toward security to ensure its protection.

TeamScreen's Security Policy operates at three levels: 1) Physical security; 2) Operational security; and, 3) Systems security. TSS recognizes the highly sensitive nature of the information being handled through its systems as well as by its personnel on a daily basis. Thus, the controls and procedures that TSS has implemented help to assure the security of that information as well as the physical systems underlying its operations. Each of the three levels is intertwined with the others to assure a comprehensive approach to the overall security of TSS.




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