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TeamScreen's Security Policy operates at three levels: 1) Physical security; 2) Operational security; and, 3) Systems security. TSS recognizes the highly sensitive nature of the information being handled through its systems as well as by its personnel on a daily basis. Thus, the controls and procedures that TSS has implemented help to assure the security of that information as well as the physical systems underlying its operations. Each of the three levels is intertwined with the others to assure a comprehensive approach to the overall security of TSS.

TSS's physical security begins with the physical premise in which it offices as well as the Network Center hosting its network equipment. The building is monitored 24/7 and has restricted cardkey access during non-business hours. Once inside the main building doors, the office is protected by a separate cardkey system with intrusion monitoring and web camera monitoring. Finally, the Network Center has restricted cardkey access that requires a separate permission level than the main office area.

Within the office area, all sensitive files are maintained within locked file storage. Office computers do not store sensitive material on local hard drives to prevent possible unauthorized access. Any paper item slated for disposal is shredded prior to disposal.

TSS's operational security begins with proper training for personnel regarding the handling, processing, storage and disposal of confidential search information. Security awareness is reflected in the handling of all client information and search submissions and results.

Each client has separate electronic and physical file structures to ensure separation of information. Only individuals directly involved in providing TSS client services view search requests and results. Physical files are maintained in locked file storage when not being processed. Obsolete paper files are destroyed via shredding prior to disposal. Electronic files are stored within the system database indefinitely for subsequent retrieval and compliance purposes.

Facsimile communications are handled in a secure location with restricted access. All received facsimile communications are initially received on a facsimile server to ensure privacy. Authorized personnel retrieve the facsimile transmissions from the server for processing.

Workstations operate Microsoft Windows XP that allows for security control of the local unit. All workstations are locked upon a preset inactivity time-out to ensure the prevention of unauthorized viewing of search requests and results.

TSS systems security is integrated into the software at the base level. Authorization categories are established for all users with permission levels set based on individual access criteria. The system Username and Password protection is supplemented with control logs and transaction logs that record activity within the system.

All search transactions, both submissions and retrievals, occur via a secure Internet connection that is protected by Secure Socket Layer 128-bit encryption for privacy. E-mail communications can also be secured with encrypted transmission and digital signatures to ensure tamper-resistant communications.

All system network servers are located within a secure physical environment and further protected with login security for administrative access. Back-up/disaster recovery files are maintained on high capacity magnetic tape and CD ROM systems that are rotated off-site to a secure location that is monitored for intrusion detection and fire safety.

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