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SelectSCREEN services are designed to simplify paper work flow. Our web-based service allows you to submit requests, view results, store results and generate activity reports electronically. Fast. Easy. Cost-effective. A single point of control and interaction for your whole organization, no matter how big or how spread out geographically.

We also offer traditional Fax in/Fax out services for all of our services. There is only one Pre-Authorization form submitted and one summary sheet of results returned. Our summary sheet is configured to meet your corporate reporting requirements for clear and easy review.

With SelectSCREEN, we know that no two clients are alike. You can request standard search components individually or as a group. We routinely create custom search request configurations based on specific client requirements. So, combine our search components in any combination that meets your specific needs, or contact us and we will customize a search package for you.

In addition, for those clients who hire throughout the nation or those customers who have standing orders, we can pre-set SelectSCREEN to order exactly the searches your company has selected. This eliminates erroneous or unwanted searches from being requested and conducted as well as the associated costs.

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