MyScreen with Vendor Matrix Manager is a syndicated Web-based solution hosted by TeamScreen that integrates into your corporate Web site and is customized to look just like your website. It's totally seamless. It operates totally in the background as a flexible, easy-to-use business tool for your organization.

MyScreen provides an unequaled opportunity for cost control and management efficiency for all of your pre-employment screening needs. With its built-in Vendor Matrix Manager administration tool, MyScreen gives you the flexibility to use whatever search provider(s) you choose - existing or new - ensuring you're always in control and assured of receiving the best possible search prices and highest quality search results.

Just think - enjoy faster, more accurate turnaround of pre-employment background check information; achieve cost containment and reduction through selection and management of the best vendor(s) for all of your business locations; create a centralized database of background check information that aids budgeting, human resource and legal compliance; realize better adherence to hiring policies and practices that reduces the corporate risk and cost of poor hires; and, best of all, implement MyScreen in only a couple of weeks with no major capital outlay for software or sophisticated technology, let alone the trained people to keep it all running!

Large organizations can save thousands of dollars each month as well as receive substantial operational benefits as a result of managing information and workflow better and faster across all office locations.

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