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MyScreen has more standard features than any other web-based pre-employment screening system. Below are just some of the many features that are included with MyScreen. For specific features you do not see here or for a private demo, please contact us.

  • Easy Data Input • Fast and Accurate Search
  • Tracking • Internet Access
  • Thorough Reports • Easy to Get Started and Use
  • Workgroup Operation • Flexible Configuration
  • Optimal Cost-Effectiveness  

  •Total Control
> How it Works
Easy Data Input
Data input is clear, concise and very easy. The only information required comes directly from information you would receive from the applicant through you normal interviewing process. MyScreen can be preset to order only the specific searches your company policy requires.

Fast and Accurate Search
MyScreen operates real time. Plainly put, the moment you submit a request, the vendor has it for immediate processing.

There are several features for tracking individual requests, or groups of requests by Name, Social Security Number or by day. The returned information allows for status of any given search to be displayed whether it is pending or finished. If it is finished, you have the record or returned information available to you upon request then or in the future.

Internet Access
MyScreen is launched right form your own corporate website! Internet technologies allow us to create an information portal within your site for submission and retrieval of searches. The portal can also be used for display of a company calendar of events, news releases, or special notices through optional plug-in features.

Thorough Reports
Report generation is key to any administrator or corporate executive. MyScreen allows an overview of all settings for each permissible log-in, monitors vendor performance (timeliness of responses, errors, and costs by search type and location), summarizes background checks requested and processed, and provides location-specific cost summaries. These are just a few of the standard reports. Custom report views are also available upon request for a nominal set-up fee.

Easy to Get Started and Use
MyScreen is a Web service hosted by TeamScreen Solutions. This means no costly software to install and manage, no expensive database servers to purchase and maintain, no specialized IT staff to employ, no special training required… Simple, Straightforward, Guaranteed! Once MyScreen has been incorporated into your corporate Web site, your whole organization is up and running. MyScreen is very simple and intuitive to use and training is also provided to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Workgroup Operation
Installing MyScreen within a corporate system is enough to give all authorized personnel on your LAN access. You can assign data access levels to different user groups.

Flexible Configuration
MyScreen can be implemented as a stand-alone system or incorporated into your current HR software or other business applications. Custom development for specific needs is also available.

Optimal Cost-Effectiveness
Flexible pricing is a significant feature of MyScreen. The cost is volume based, so the more it's used, the less it costs per search. Rich functionality, a flexible technology platform and a 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you get the results you want!

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